INITIAL RECORDS: The Toybob is often referred to as the smallest of all cat breeds. Mrs. E. Krasnichenko documented the first Toybob’s back in 1988 when two stray cats she found outside her home had a litter of kittens in the Rostov region of Russia. By her accounts, these two cats looked very much like seal-point Siamese cats, except both had kinked bobbed tails. The breeding of these two cats produced an unusually small cat she named “Kutciy,” which became the foundation cat to her line of Toybobs she first called “Skif-Thai-Don.”

   To this very day, Krasnichenko’s cattery only breeds her Rostov Toybobs in the same seal-point color as the first two cats she found. However, there is a reasonable belief that the mutation first recorded with Kutciy does spontaneously appear in other colors (coat lengths) and is not necessarily associated only with the seal-point color pattern or only to cats of that specific region. 

   The Toybob is a breed of a small cat that is typically no bigger than a three - six-month-old kitten of a normally developed domestic cat. They have compact, strong, muscular bodies with short bobbed tails, consisting of several kinked vertebrae. Besides the Toybob's diminutive size, their most distinctive feature is their large expressive eyes. The cat’s small size and bobbed tails are due to spontaneous mutation in feral cats native to Russia. Toybobs have pleasant temperaments and are affectionate while also obedient to their human companions. Despite their small size, they are active, playful, and agile.