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About Toybob's

  • The Toybob personality and small cuddly size make this breed popular as a companion cat. Perky, charming, and playful, the Toybob is less hyperactive than some other breeds and seldom meows. Loving, social, active, playful...yet content to be a lap cat. A lover of comfort, the Toybob enjoys cuddling on laps and snuggling into soft pillows, its large soulful eyes inviting pampering, which it accepts graciously. However, you're just as apt to find it perched high on top of furniture, for it is an agile climber, light and graceful on his feet, much like any other cat. Intelligent and generous with their affection, the Toybob will follow you anywhere you go with a gentle touch of supervising curiosity. Toybobs make a great family pet. Their nature is docile, playful, and very affectionate. This gentle yet merry breed enjoys attention and interaction, making it a terrific pet for senior citizens and children. Toybob kittens are great fun, and adults tend to remain playful throughout their lives. The Toybob is a very social cat and is peaceful with other pets. Two Toybobs will keep each other company as they don't do well when left alone at home for extended long hours. Toybobs are always polite to strangers, though some can be shy around new people, so socialization is essential. At the other end of the spectrum, because of its docile nature, it can be overwhelmed by small children and cannot take rough handling or mischief. Essentially, the Toybob is the paragon of cats, embodying traits that cat lovers adore: Like kittens - small, playful, and affectionate.

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